Teal Crushed Velvet Mystique Slim Bell Onesie

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The Mystique Slim Bell Onesie, compliments all body types and sizes. We've spent years engineering this hooded garment into its supreme proportions, accenting some of the finest parts of the female form.

Design Features:

  • Open back
  • Graceful cowl neck
  • Transformative hood
  • Pant Leg SLIM BELLS Cut- Hugs hips and legs 
  • Slight flare at knee
  • Fantastic garment for dance and movement
  • Made in San Francisco, CA, USA

Fabric Features:  Soft Textured Velvet. 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex.

Fit:  Runs true to size in hips and torso.  Inseam runs long.


XS-32.5 Inches
S- 33.5 Inches
M-34.5 Inches

 L-35 Inches