Meet the Designers

Since opening our doors in 2009, the creative direction and merchandise of Funk & Flash has undergone an evolution and is still continuing to make positive changes! Paralleling the journey of founder, Shane Sterling. Years of self-discovery & exemplifying that process into the essence of the store, Shane built the Mecca plugin for alternative fashion and designers.
We are very proud to support the designers we do, and are keenly aware of the interdependence of the well-being of the many grassroots businesses that we serve and vice versa.      

Amae Love

Amae Love is a multifaceted individual with her hands in a little bit of everything. She is a singer & performance artist, raw foodist, designer & visionary. She is an original in everything she does while staying committed to honoring the community as well as the individuals who share the dream of a co creative harmonious world. Her signature Lotus Vest is an absolute favorite at Funk & Flash.

Founder Amae Love


Anahata Designs

"Anahata Designs was born from a love of traveling, sculpting and leatherwork in 2007. Through imagination I strive to translate the Majick of Bali into the language of the west coast of beautiful BC creating form pleasing wearable art sculptures... "

Founder Sven Waldhoer



Buddhaful is a grass roots company. Since its birth in 1998, Buddhaful has grown as a local Seattle, Washington clothing and fashion event organization to become not just an entity for apparel retail with accounts worldwide, but a sponsor for events promoting art, fashion, music and life. Buddhaful only offers clothing that promises a strong, positive and conscious message while maintaining a high degree of original artistic integrity and style.

Founder Mike Maffei




CARAUCCI was established in 1999. The inspiration behind the brand is drawn from the symmetry and textural perfection occurring in the realms of nature. Instinctually drawn to earth derived color palettes and the alluring tones of gemstones, designer, Cara Ucci, has nurtured a consistent theme throughout her career.


Our vision is to offer an eclectic collection of clothing and accessories that reflect the divine balance between work and play; form and function—timeless treasures that exude a sense of sophistication and adventure. Today’s dynamic lifestyles demand comfort and flexibility without sacrificing quality and style.



Conscious Convergence

Conscious Convergence supports indigenous communities through collaborative design. They work closely with a variety of indigenous communities to create clothing using recycled fabric and natural dyes from local plants. Our goal is to converge with indigenous communities around the world and blend ancient techniques with modern fashion, sacred symbols with modern Art, to create hand-made products that are both renewable and unique.

Conscious Convergence is greatly inspired by indigenous weaving, embrodery arts and styles of many cultures. They have been working closest with Mayan & Guna communities. Their vision is to expand our work relations with several different tribes to represent their unique culture. Over the last 5 years we have been working in close partnership with tailors and weavers in Guatemala and Panama, both men and women, to develop our fusion of traditional dress, urban modern style and ancient symbols. No thread goes unused. They use both recycled and original woven textiles to create each piece.

Conscious Convergence believes what we wear expresses who we are, the vision is a holistic one seeking to nurture the body, mind and spirit through sustainable practices and mindful creation.

The revolutionary approach to clothing blends healing plants with natural textiles to create clothing that supports health and well-being.

The plants used for dye extraction are classified as medicinal and have been shown to possess remarkable antimicrobial activity.

Conscious Convergence has a commitment with Mother Earth to leave no trace and have the smallest environmental footprints in the world.
We promote the recycling of each piece of textiles until the smallest product using our special Crystal patchwork design.
We choose other fabrics end of sales leftover coming from the textile industry and recycling it.
We produce our fabrics hand made with hand and foot looms , only human energies is required
We use biodegradable substance for our dye process, and we avoid to pollute toxic substances for protect the water and lake
We promote natural and organic farming for our Dye and for the people working with us teaching them how to eat and live sustainable.

We have built strong and lasting relations within the communities we work and create in collaboration with tailors and weavers from indigenous communities in Central America and we are currently building relationships with new tribes.
Every piece is a partnership so that each person has an opportunity to share their skillsets and ideas in creating truly holistic clothing.

​We primarily collaborate with Mayan and Guna communities but we are currently extending our relations to work with other Indigenous Latin American cultures, to incorporate their distinct art work.

We are setting the bar for our relationship based business model to continue to empower the individuals involved to share their creative expressions in a truly holistic way to continue to bring tangible beauty into the world.

Most of our pieces can be tied, adjusted, switched and turned in a variety of ways so that each piece can transform into a multitude of garments and let the customer be creative and part of the process.

Modularity allows the option to add or take away elements from a piece, putting freedom and flexibility of use back into the hands of the people.

Multi-functionality allows for a piece to be transformed, creating versatility and efficiency perfect for world-travelers

Innovation and continuous creative research is the core of our brand. Looking at the old with a new eye and redefine new styles , taste or techniques. We invest our time and effort on it for get to you the best result in our products.

We constantly keep evolving and upgrade our products, to arrive at the optimal function shape. In this way we align our brand with the Slow Fashion movement




"Dreamtime creations are designed for soul-full self-expression, through connection with nature and spirit. Dreamtime clothing and art is created in the San Francisco bay area, California, and in Bali, Indonesia. We use fair labor practices and adhere to planet and people friendly production ideals. Design influences include the patterns found in nature, and respect for the indigenous peoples of earth and their tribal art. Another influence being our modern day festival culture, which has its idealistic roots in the back-to-the earth movement; and a quest for spiritual fulfillment and community building. Many of the items here were conceived with the traveler in mind and heart: versatility, durability, freedom of movement and utility on the dance floor or the streets."


Designer Garrett Stuessy



Elven Forest


“Elven Forest Creations features tribal clothing inspired by elf and fairy fashion as well as by fashion in underground communities of artists and travelers. Buying here supports an independent designer as well as the sustainability ethic as several of the fabric we use are reclaimed and we hand make your clothes right here in San Francisco, CA.”

Founder Ashli Hara




Ethereal Elements


“..Ethereal elements clothing was created to assist you in the great shift… We have ethericaly encoded each of our garments with star energy so that when one wears our clothing it will assist in connecting them with their higher self and higher realms. We recommend using the other spiritual practices along with wearing ethereal elements in order to achieve full galaktivation…”

Founder Etherika Lahtela


Firedog Designs


"We forged this business to help us live our dream of connecting with fellow artisans and earth loving community while maintaining creative control over our reality. We manifested our vision by purchasing 80 raw acres and building a beautiful homestead off-the-grid; a place of peace to share with all. We currently work out of our yurt and love the freedom. Fire Dog Designs specializes in hand-crafted leather wares and a growing line of professional fire arts equipment. Our goal is to provide our community with the highest quality, most stylish fashions and accessories we can create. "


Founder Jennifer Hawley


Fourth Dimension Designs

 "The Fourth Dimension is the Key, the Portal, the Passageway. Unlocking the Magik into the Galactic Realms. It is Created within a Timeless Dream. In this Dream you are Elevated through a Gateway and Transmitted from the lower Dimensions to the Higher. It is a platform for Visionary Artists to Collaborate Visions and Dreams. The Fourth Dimension is giving birth to Collaborative Artistic Evolution...It is Unity is Lucid Transmissions of Healing Light...Through Sacred Geometry and Sigils this clothing is Blessed with Intention and Love."

Founded 2007 by Kellie Mariposa



Glass Magpie


"Our company was founded in 2011 with a sincere and abiding commitment to ethical and sustainable production practices. Glass Magpie Apparel is made almost exclusively of organic cotton, bamboo rayon and sustainable modal fibers. Each piece is lovingly stitched by a family company in Bali, Indonesia in ethical SWEATSHOP-FREE working conditions. We supply an ephemeral collection of tasteful women's and men's upscale ready-wear fashion- from chic dresses, sleek camisoles, long sleeves, cowl neck sweaters, cloaks and shawls, sexy slips and leggings to gritty graphic t-shirts, hoodies, lightweight jackets, tank tops, throw-away singlets and bandannas. Whatever goes. Our garment line outfits the young, smart, fit, quick, trendy, eco-conscious, street-aware and fashion-forward crowd. Or more likely, the catty, well-dressed few standing on the periphery, rightfully a little dubious, wondering where the real party is at."


Founder Basil Magpie





"Accessories with attitude. Funktional leather pocket belts, holsters, clothing and leather bags that are the perfect complement to any wardrobe adding style, fashion and fun. Unique designs that we promise will have everyone talking. With an eye for fashion, Hipstirr brings you the most innovative and stylish."


Founder Ruby Bettencourt






Imago Dei Designs

Imago Dei Design Soulpath. Imago Dei is an International artist, an fashion designer and visionary artist. Creating International designer clothing with a spiritual world vision. Studying shamanic practices for most of his life. Imago feels clothing can be a transformational and an alchemical experience to up lift the soul.




Infiniti Now



"Infiniti Now aims to provide timeless style with a sustainably green and organic influence. Using organic materials whenever possible, and deeply influenced by architecture and sacred geometry, our pieces are designed to be worn in a variety of ways and settings. Many pieces are customizable in a variety of ways and can include custom stonework, brass bits, and chain... ♥"


Founder Tammi Wright






"We can make anything possible. We can even make non-reality into reality.


Kayo wants to make her fashion into a bridge between reality and non – reality by combining the non- reality of anime with the reality of street fashion, KAYO transforms the wearers into different characters, characters that they create within themselves (one of their alter-egos so to speak), bringing out the different part of them with what they wear each day."


Founder Kayo Mitsuyama



Leom Designs


"Leom Designs is a dream that has manifested itself into the realms of clothing, yet in its truth is beyond fashion or form. Merely a disguise to share creative essence, in the same way a piece of fruit carries the life force from A to B and lends itself to the cycles of creation... May what we create be the vehicle for a deeper current of mysterious blessings. It is my mission to bring to you quality clothing that makes you feel extremely comfortable in your truest, most real self."


Founder Margot Leom


Liloo Wear

"Liloo Wear was born to make women feel feminine and sexy while staying natural, tribal and earthy.

Founder Julien Lampin





Liquid Fire Mantra


Liquid Fire Mantra is a Jewelry Company which believes in the power of art to inspire and create positive change in the world. Symbols and Sacred Geometry are prominent throughout their work along with empowering elements of nature. Intricately detailed, great care is instilled into every aspect of these fair trade, hand crafted designs. Having deep reverence for nature, Liquid Fire Mantra is committed to Green Business practices by using renewable resources and low impact environmental methods.


Founder Forest Schrodt


Maddie Moon

Inspired by her travels around the world, deep immersions with mind expanding music and grounding forces of nature, as well as through her eclectic friendships and beloved customers, Maddie Moon brings fun, flow, and flair for all ages. All dyes, prints and designs used in our visionary garments are original.  Only high-quality fabrics are selected in creating every finely woven piece of festive fashion wear with the active spirited individual in mind. Maddie Moon produces designs in the United States and handmade manufactured in Bali, under fair trade conditions. This gives the clothing an authentic edge that you will treasure wearing timelessly.


Nateah Studios


"My mission: To create unique, thought-provoking, eco-friendly pieces of jewelry and clothing whose quality and attention to detail speak of the love, care, gratitude, and infinite creative pleasure from which my crafts are born.




My hand-crafted feather jewelry and accessories are made using all kinds of feathers, including those sourced from local farms. I try to use recycled fabrics and eco-friendly practices as much as possible, as I believe one of my greatest creative opportunities is to help create a sustainable future."

Founder Natalie Larose





When you wear a Noralina, feel your love for your body growing stronger. You start to feel good about yourself. Remember you are what you believe you are, so believe that you are gorgeous. Honor your body and accept it as it is. You have a right to feel beautiful. As People pass by they find themselves wanting and wishing for the sexy confidence that bellows from your every step. This confidence comes from loving yourself no matter what. Because you truly love yourself, you can’t help but treat others with the same love and respect. You are fabulous and appreciated for who you really are.”


Founder Noralina


Om Booty

Lexi Moon & husband Zoltan are designers of an amazing clothing line for men & women.

Offering ladies the most perfect booty shorts and featuring the sexy Leather Demi-Vest, the line also has well-made ladies jackets including the Demi Marching Jacket. Men get to have fun too, with great men's full-length pants and a Men's version of the Leather Vest. These designers hit the mark for sultry well-fitting festival gear, and is a must-have for any fanciful adventure.


Om Gaia Tree


Murray considers herself - along with other things - a clothing designer and fashionista, a yogini, a vessel for music and expressive dance, a positive thinker, and a global ambassador for peace. She currently lives in the costal mountains of California near Santa Cruz.


Founder Murray Harris






"Visionary Wearable Art... ONANYA is a collaboration between Shipibo artisans and us. Our clothing designs become the canvas of their magical patterns. Creating a one of a kind wearable pieces of art."


Founder Marcela Solera



Opal Moon

Kerrie Kordowski is a professional costume designer & the creator of Opal Moon Designs. Originally from New York, Kerrie moved to San Francisco in 1999 and found herself creatively invigorated by the colors and textures of the city and its surroundings. She quickly became active in the local artist community and began making costumes for SF shows and street fairs. Chiefly inspired by ancient mythology & science fiction, Kerrie found her signature design style could be described as “Tribal Sci-Fi”.

Founder Kerrie Kordowski




Phoenix Rising


"Phoenix Rising Designs is the artistic collaboration of Isaac Rappaport and Jessica Bottomley. We have been weaving together in life, love, partnership, performance art, and fashion design since 1998. We believe that clothing should celebrate the natural contours of the human form while supporting expansion in movement and spirit. We gather inspiration from organic patterns in nature as well as various symbols from many different cultures. 
We hope that you enjoy wearing our clothing as much as we enjoy the process of creating it."


Founder Isaac Rappaport




"Through unity we find collaboration. By working with others we can learn and grow. "The Ratredz design, production and delivery team consists of people in many walks of life and from many countries. At present most of the production happens in Bali, Indonesia. Locals and foreigners collaborate to affect our final product.   We hope you like it."

Founder Dara Malekottodjary




Sati Creation

Finding inspiration in colors, flavors, dances, fabrics and cultures of faraway lands... Gypsy circus atmosphere and tribal trends... Breathing inspiration in every experience ... From one island to another, after a long detour through the Mayan ruins of Mexico, the tribal markets of Guatemala, studying the sacred and tribal dances of India and taking a voyage through the temples of Asia as she collects tresors and tribal jewelry all along the way as well as giving birth to her own creations ... SATI CREATION ... She finally finds herself on the island of Bali, Indonesia where all of today's SATI's original designs are hand made with conscious love & care in collaboration with a group of Balinese women. To allow a real ethical and cultural exchange we act in respect of the fair-trade regulations and 2% of our annual profit is given to a Balinese women association that goes around Bali Island 4 times a year to distribute food, water, clothes and money to the ones most in need.


Founder Sophie DesGange



Tristan St. Germain

“Welcome to My World! Where fantasy inspires style, a place where time blends some faint memory of the distant past and Sci-Fi futuristic cyber heroine with a taste of elven couture and fairy funk. Not limited by genre, living in the timeless now, ever changing and evolving moment to moment, exploring the multi-faceted self. Besides being a Creatress, I co-produce a performance arts company called Visionary Alliance. Other interests of mine are, playing with my kids, dancing, freestyle sports, outdoor adventures, gardening, cooking, reading, yoga, acro monkey contact improv play, flow arts, massage, aromatherapy, sound healing & jedi ninja training.”

Founder Tristan St. Germain



Sundari Creations


“A beautiful range of clothes, jewelry and accessories… Tribal, alternative and natural… Inspired by my travels and love of nature, weaving in sacred symbols.. All is ethnically created, with attention paid to detail. My latest collection is called ‘divine’…………enjoy.”


Founder Anna Sundari





Urban tribal style infused with old soul. Custom designed bustle skirts, bloomers, pocket belts in leather or canvas, bustles, silver tribal earrings, handcrafted jewelry.


Founder Eve Bennet



Warrior Within


“This clothing is made for people in motion, living deliberately, fully, building communities and knowing the power and rippling impact of their actions. The all-in-one garment — the “Onesie” — is the freeing, comfort bodyglove for life. Our Onesie wearers are all around the globe, each special and creative beings in their own way. Together we are a tribe, living from our hearts, pursuing and sharing our happiness. We are seekers, we are powerful, we are simply ourselves, and we look good doing it. We remain fiercely committed to keeping jobs local, working within our community, sharing abundance and building harmonious circles of support. We are proudly made in San Francisco, California, USA."


Founder Jen & Grant Fritz