Bamboo Firebird Cinch Dress

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The Firebird Cinch Dress

Design Features:

  • Incredibly Versatile Dress with Adjustable Torso & Adjustable Length
  • Open Backed & Adjustable with ties at the back of the neck
  • Numerous looks are possible depending on where you place the waistband- looks great as low as hips and as high as true waist
  • Large Cowl can be worn 5 different ways - as a hood, shawl pulled down across the shoulders, Grecian style across just one shoulder, dust mask or sun protection is possible, or simply down with graceful cowl front. 
  • Cinches at the hips allow the dress to be worn down as a knee-length skirt or cinched up high as long shirt.
  • Cinches can be worn asymmetrically for extra edge
  • Fantastic paired with leggings or boots
  • Garment cut & sewn in San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Fits true to size