Baroness Teal Aztec Faux Fur Coat

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This long winter coat is stylish, soft, and warm yet simultaneously lightweight and easy to wear. This teal aztec black faux fur coat is locally made from high quality fabrics right here in San Francisco. 


* Large fabric covered hook closures in the front.
* Lined with a double layer anti pill polar fleece. 
* Outer pockets lie flat against the sides. 
* Inner pocket
* Large hood
* Black faux fur trim


Wash cold in the washing machine with mild liquid detergent ( not too much ) When you pull out of the machine shake out the fur really well all around and I like to hang over the end of a door by the hood. Continue to shake out the fur every 30 minutes or so while it dries so the fur fluffs out again and does not dry bent. Will look like new! Do not put in the dryer at all.. even on fluff. Zero dryer!

This is one of my most popular styles. This style is especially popular at festivals like Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and Symbiosis.