Creation Pendant - Brass - Rainbow Moonstone

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A five pointed star at the bottom showing the elemental energies coming together, the two serpents, Ida and Pingala, caduceus showing the strands of DNA dancing up the chakras like kundalini energy, forming the body. Coming together in a heart which is also a Balinese Ohm showing our true heart songs being realized. The sun and moon above the Ohm showing the male and female coming together in balance. The wings outstretched flying into our life as an offering. The hands reaching up holding an offering of a lotus flower representing our offering of stewardship and co-creation of the most beautiful flower of life.

The caduceus or two serpents rising is one of those symbols that is found in most ancient cultures on the planet. I see these two serpents representing the two strands of DNA that hold the living library of the akashic records of all life on earth. This is often seen as the feminine attribute of great knowledge and wisdom. These serpents are also seen as the kundalini energy that rises up the spine through the chakra's.

Materials: Brass, Rainbow Moonstone

Dimensions: 38mm wide, 77mm tall