Gratitude Lotus Leggings

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  • Lycra allows fabric to stretch 10x it's resting position without ever losing shape, preventing bubbling & sagging.
  • The high amount of Lycra gives a glossy effect.
  • Form Fitting
  • Second Skin
The quality of the product once it's in your hands is all that matters.
Here are some of the things unique to our brand that makes for superior clothing.
  • Unmatched Print Quality using a 1 of a kind Advanced & Customized HD Printer
  • Hand Made – printed fabric is cut & sewn by hand in our factory for Quality Control.
  • High end Lycra fiber is introduced to the poly fibers to create a much stronger fabric.
  • Special inks sourced from Italy saturate the fabric to create a print vibrancy that is unmatched.
  • Will never wrinkle or fade