Hati Hati Dress

This dress is beautifully form fitting, and is designed to accentuate the female figure. You may even feel surprised by how much you love your own shape and form in the comforting embracing of this ultra soft and stretchy fabric.  

While 'hati hati' means 'danger' or 'be careful' in indonesian... 'hati' alone means 'heart'
this dress is so dangerously beautiful, make sure not to cause accidents while shining your divine beauty into this world!

Here are a few tips >>>

If you are busty, get the sizing that is accurate for the bust measurement. If you are smaller chested with a big booty or hourglass shaped, the bootie area of this dress is designed stretch more whereas the top cannot stretch as much - so base your sizing decision more upon your bust size.  

Just to give you an idea on how stretchy this dress is in the midriff … I have seen mamas rock this dress through pregnancy…

If you are indeed someone who doesn’t feel like you have an hourglass figure, and prefer to wear something looser on the top - the hati skirt with a looser top might be good choice, also… as you can get the bootie hugging action, whilst keeping some drape and flowy going on the top. Yet still you may be surprised and will love your self in the dress versus the skirt…

made of high grade rayon/lycra :: no pilling :: warm wash :: hang dry :: wear often :: feel beautiful