HumGaiaTri 3D Pendant - Brass & Labradorite

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Hummingbirds have the largest heart to body ratio of any creature on the planet! 70% of their body weight is their hearts. They are the biggest hearted! This pendant has two hummingbirds, whose bodies form a heart as they sip from a double Vajra, Dorje or torus.

Vajra or Dorje represents the thunderbolt of realization that it truly is the sum of the parts that complete the whole. This physical dimension is a place of duality and friction that acts as a catalyst for evolution. With evolution, creation is alive in its way of creating itself anew each moment. Without friction, creation becomes a redundant math equation with no Life. If you did not have a body, if you were just a spirit, you would not experience very much friction, therefore your growth would not be very quick as there would be no friction to force you to grow. It is this reason that makes life so precious and sacred.

Hummingbirds have the ability to fly backward in order to gain a broader perspective and to see that it is truly, the sum of the parts that create the whole. The hummingbirds have a powerful warrior spirit to courageously face duality and all the fears and symptoms of forgetting. By accepting the entirety of our experience, we are in authenticity, united and whole we can sip from the nectar of truth. Heaven and hell, angels of remembrance and devils of forgetting... all are necessary for life to be dynamic in its evolutionary process and gives us the greatest opportunity for growth. When we find ourselves bumping up against those sharp edges of friction, we can have gratitude; for it as an affirmation that we are fulfilling one of our great purposes in life, to evolve. This may be the first century that humans have been aware of evolution, this means that we can be the first to be consciously evolving! Let us make it a Lovulution!

Hum Gaia Tree: Inspired by the Gaia Tree Mantra which calls forth the pure light of truth to aluminate all forgetting with remembrance. This non-dualistic light of Love shining light illuminating pure truth.

Labradorite stone at the top with amethyst stone at the bottom and in the center of the vajra.