Mens Pyramid String Jacket

Hidden hood, string designs at shoulder and back. Chest pockets and side pockets.
tight fit

Uroko Pyramid print in Gold.
This triangular pattern "uroko"is influenced by Traditional Japanese kimono print .
This represents snake scales, and was a
favorite charm against bad luck, sickness and evilness. Just as the uroko
protect the snake from harm, so these scales would protect wearer.
Uroko can also symbolize a new beginning, just as the snake casts off it's old skin each year, so the wearer can look forward to a fresh start.

SIZE chart
Shoulder 17 1/2", Chest 40", Bottom 36". Sleeve length 27 1/4", Body length 27 1/2"
Shoulder 18", Chest 42", Bottom 38". Sleeve length 27 1/2", Body length 28"
Shoulder 19", Chest 45 1/4", Bottom 39 1/2". Sleeve length 27 1/2", Body length 29 1/2"