Reptilian Shapeshifter Jacket by Ratredz

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We call this the reptilian shapeshifter jacket but it's real name is the Rocker Jacket by Ratredz. With inlaid faux snake skin panels on the back, deconstructed lacing and stitching, hand-studded rivets on the back shoulders, grommets, dangley strings, this jacket invokes the feeling of the avatar, the god-self, dark mysteries, shamanism, and the journey of the warrior.

You might hesitate because of what this jacket might ask of you to wear it. We assure you it's worth it! Don't be afraid. Go for this one, you won't regret it!

100% cotton canvas, nice and thick and durable but soft and comfy to wear.

"Ra, god of light, Ahura Mazda, chariots of fire in the sky.  We are inspired by our gods and make ourselves in their image.   Tantra.  Weaving our way into the future." -Ratredz

Size S  36-38

Size M  38-40

Size L 40-42

Size XL 42-44

Size XXL 44-46

Slender fit overall. The rivet pattern on the back varies from piece to piece due to the hand-crafted nature of this garment.