Sleeveless Vest with Asian Print and Brass Sri Yantra Snaps

This Sleeveless Mens dress shirt fits REAL nice. It is tailored a little slimmer but still relaxed, with the stylish, modern and hip man in mind. The fabric is light and soft with a bit of stretch. The Red pinstripe with Black Asian print, is a striking combo!
The custom brass snaps are stunning and unique, with very detailed sacred geometry Sri Yantra symbols. These symbols among other things, represent divinity, and masculine feminine balance, and inner and outer wealth. No buttoning and unbuttoning, these snaps fly open in one second. Makes for a sexy dramatic moment when it is time for the Cosmic Cowboy to take his shirt off :)
The back of the shirt comes down to a soft point in the back, very subtly accentuating the man booty. This shirt will be a Man's go-to pick for any kind of high-end, yet Hip happening.

All around, a great design. the Shirt is long enough to accommodate most heights
(up to about 6'4")
Small is usually for men under 140 lbs
Medium is for men about 140-80 lbs up to 6"3
Large is for men 180-200+lbs up to 6'4"
* ask in XL is available in this style.

VERY small limited edition run, Get it while you can!