Shifting the Paradigm

23 July, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

Funk & Flash is shifting paradigms and has upgraded the shopping experience with our new and improved website. We are offering lots of new features like Meet the Designers and Meet the Staff. These pages give insight into what Funk & Flash stands for and how we value the interconnectedness of our business relationships, showcasing the visionary designers that make this store possible and the committed staff that help bring it to the world.

This is the beginning of our vision to create a resource guide and global hub that exemplifies the west coast festival culture, the new paradigm in art and culture worldwide and acts as a liaison to effectively communicate the value of this movement within humanity to those who are just awakening to it themselves. We will be offering a calendar of music festivals, spiritual gatherings and events worldwide that are in support of the fashion and art of this expanding new paradigm. We hope it serves you the viewer and we hope it serves the network of talented, hard working visionary artists who make this growing culture a full fledged movement that will positively influence the world and fully shift us into a new paradigm.

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