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We moved!

Woohoo, the first blog post in a year! The first blog post by the new owner as well. ;)

Some of you may have heard that Funk & Flash has moved locations, although we haven't moved far: just 3 doors down!

We are now on the corner of our block at the intersection of South Main & Burnett in Sebastopol, CA.

New address 200 S. Main St. ste.110, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Our new store is a little smaller, but in a better location: In a coveted corner spot closer to downtown. With the move we had a big overhaul of...

BYOB - Be Your Own Bank

BYOB - Be Your Own Bank

Be Your Own Bank - Cryptocurrency Part 2

Bitcoin -Our Chance at Financial Revolution

Bitcoin...Code, mathematics, is becoming the future of law, immutable, accessible to all and after 9 years it is slowly becoming mainstream.

Outstanding Customer Service - Personal styling by our staff!

When you shop at Funk & Flash, you automatically get personal styling and fashion advice by our dedicated staff members. Everyone is allowed to be cool here. We are inclusive of your desire to look and feel your best while supporting small business and independent designers. 

Involved, engaging and helpful, we are available to put our experience and talent to work for you. Essentially, that's like getting a free professional personal shopper!

In store or online: we provide independent fashion choices to help you level-up. We have fun providing top level customer service to help you fully realize your fashion dreams! If...

Shifting the Paradigm

Funk & Flash is shifting paradigms and has upgraded the shopping experience with our new and improved website. We are offering lots of new features like Meet the Designers and Meet the Staff. These pages give insight into what Funk & Flash stands for and how we value the interconnectedness of our business relationships, showcasing the visionary designers that make this store possible and the committed staff that help bring it to the world.

This is the beginning of our vision to create a resource guide and global hub that exemplifies the west coast festival culture,...