We moved!

Woohoo, the first blog post in a year! The first blog post by the new owner as well. ;)

Some of you may have heard that Funk & Flash has moved locations, although we haven't moved far: just 3 doors down!

We are now on the corner of our block at the intersection of South Main & Burnett in Sebastopol, CA.

New address 200 S. Main St. ste.110, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Our new store is a little smaller, but in a better location: In a coveted corner spot closer to downtown. With the move we had a big overhaul of stock. We sent back all the designs that had been hanging around for a few years collecting dust, and brought in hundreds of BRAND NEW DESIGNS. Many new designers have joined the Funk & Flash family with the move, and we now have new Men's & Women's clothing, new jewelry, and fun new accessories & festival baubles. 

Come check out the new store, paroose the new items on our website, and follow us on social media! The new owner (yours truly) will be posting to Facebook & Instagram weekly with new items & events we are hosting! 

Hope to see you soon, stay Funky!

-Zoe Luna

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