Bitcoin -Our Chance at Financial Revolution

As we embark on this digital age together it is important if not imperative that our community understands the monumental paradigm altering fin-tech shifts that are happening now, in this very moment. I, Gabriel Francisco, will be your guide into the wonderfully wild world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Besides being a devout believer in this space, I also trade, manage and write for one of the top crypto funds out there. I dove head first into this arena because I see the importance of transparent technology, and from living around the world my entire adult life I have seen the United States from a global perspective. Fiat is on the decline, government money is no longer backed by anything and is printed without limit. Our current system is slavery and the debt cycle is a form of population control. Blockchain is our chance, this is our time, and here is your newsletter!


Bitcoin, a decentralized p2p (Peer-to-peer) trust-less payment system built upon a transparent blockchain, is quickly revolutionizing the global monetary system. Code, mathematics, is becoming the future of law, immutable, accessible to all and after 9 years it is slowly becoming mainstream. Like a phoenix, Bitcoin rose out of the ashes of an economic meltdown in 2009. Known only in small circles of computer programmers Bitcoin then spread to the black market used as the online currency of the Silk Road. 6 years later of organic growth and ground roots movements, Bitcoins exposure and price exploded in 2016 and then went exponential in 2017. Since then, media, governments, and all greater financial powers have been trying to regulate, control and tap into this new fin-tech paradigm shift. Blockchain technology has forever disrupted the concept of value. In 2018 the hype has faded, Bitcoins all time high of $20,000, a 20x from early 2017 has dropped to a more natural $6,000, a mere 6x yet the technology hasn’t missed a beat. Hundreds of legit projects have gone from initial coin offering, ICO, to accomplishing large portions of their road-maps while making strategic real world partnerships along the way. China may have banned cryptocurrency in 2017 but they embraced the technological backbone, blockchain, and now have more blockchain patents than any other country in the world. Countries from Venezuela to Iran, with their currencies undergoing hyperinflation, have seen a massive rise in digital currency mining, trading, and holding. Mainstream news now covers cryptocurrency in its many forms and major banks and trading institutions have opened crypto desks and platforms. We are on the brink of belief, teetering on global acceptance and adoption.

Solidifying its place in global economics, Bitcoin now has the attention of the economic elite. From top hedge funds, retirement and pension programs to trading desks and major world banks, everyone is taking a closer look at blockchain technology. George Soros’ US$26 billion family office is planning to trade digital assets. John Burbank is seeking $150mln for his Passport Capital fund. Goldman Sachs has hired a former crypto trader, Justin Schmidt, to explore creating a bitcoin trading desk. The Rockefeller family, a giant in the American financial establishment will be investing in cryptocurrency. British banking monolith Barclays is considering launching a cryptocurrency trading desk along with Börse Stuttgart, the second largest stock exchange in Germany.

Institutional money will add massive liquidity to the "crypto-sphere" but their attention and investments are not necessary for this space to flourish. Even when China, one of the worlds super powers banned Bitcoin, the market recovered and went exponential with out them. The Institutional powers that be are entering the blockchain revolution so they are not left behind. As the famous saying goes, "If you can't beat them, join them." After nearly a decade of mainstream media nay-saying, condemning and outright misleading the public about Bitcoin, the immutable and transparent truth of blockchain is coming to light. The revolution will not be televised, it will be tokenized. With or without institutional money Bitcoin, its blockchain and all the cryptocurrencies will grow, decentralizing and redistributing the worlds wealth at an amazing pace.

Witten by: Gabriel Francisco

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